Best Kayaks For Participating in Oak Island's Ride The Tide Community Kayak Float

Best Kayaks For Participating in Oak Island's Ride The Tide Community Kayak Float

Finding the Right Kayak for Floating the Davis Canal In Oak Island, NC

There's something truly special about sharing the water with friends and the Ride The Tide Community Kayak Float is one of the largest in the area. We often hear that participants had a great time but wish they could participate with a more comfortable and stable kayak. This is true as well whether you're planning a leisurely afternoon paddle or a multi-day adventure, choosing the right kayaks can make all the difference. For those seeking a comfortable, stable, and relaxing experience, consider these top picks for long floats with friends.

All of the kayaks we mention below will have an elevated seat to keep you from sitting in water all day.  Plus the sit-on-top versions have sell draining hulls to keep any nuisance water that splashes in from accumulating.  Each kayak features a lightweight and stable hull design so you can spend less time balancing the kayak and more time enjoying your neighbors and the surrounding beauty of the Davis Canal.

Spacious and Stable: The Jackson Kayak Tupelo 12.5

Jackson Kayak Tupelo 12.5 The Jackson Kayak Tupelo 12.5 is a popular choice for its comfort and versatility. It boasts a tri-chine hull that provides excellent stability and tracking, making it easy to maneuver even in choppy waters. The spacious cockpit and padded seat are perfect for long days on the water, and the ample storage space can accommodate everything you need for a memorable adventure. The Tupelo is designed for those who value comfort and efficiency. It features a Super comfy Ergo Seat with integrated lumbar support, ensuring a comfortable ride even on longer paddles. It also includes a gear track around the deck for easy customization with products like rod holders, GPS, camera mounts, and more. This allows you to personalize your kayak to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Imagine paddling  the scenic Davis canal, surrounded by your friends, each in their own Tupelo. The sun is shining, the water is calm, and you're enjoying the gentle sway of the kayak. The Tupelo's stability ensures you can relax and enjoy the moment without worrying about tipping over. Its roomy, padded cockpit provides ample space and comfort, allowing you to comfortably stretch out and take in the scenery. As you paddle along, you can easily reach for your snacks and drinks stored in the Tupelo's generous storage space. The Tupelo comes with an easy-open rear hatch that provides access to semi-dry bulkhead storage in the stern. This is large enough for day trip or camping gear, ensuring you have ample space for all your essentials. The bow and stern bungee deck rigging provide additional storage for smaller items like maps, jackets, or hand paddles. The Tupelo's thoughtful design ensures that you have everything you need within easy reach.

Built for Versatility: The Jackson Kayak Tripper 12

Jackson Kayak Tripper 12 The Jackson Kayak Tripper 12 is another excellent choice for group outings. Built on the reliable and adaptable Jackson Kilroy hull, the Tripper offers a perfect balance of stability and versatility for family outings. Its spacious cockpit and ample storage make it an excellent choice for including your furry companion on your next adventure. This kayak is prepared for any adventure - whether you're fishing, embarking on a long journey, or simply leisurely paddling. Experience the versatility of the Tripper! The Tripper is designed with comfort in mind. Its Jackson’s EZ Hi-Lo Seating System (Patented) allows you to take comfort to new levels, raising and lowering your seat with one hand. This ensures you can find the perfect position for a comfortable and relaxing paddling experience. The Tripper is known for its superior stability as the standing area is below the waterline. This makes it easier to move around in the kayak and allows you to enjoy a more upright position for a better view of your surroundings.

Envision yourself and your friends paddling down a meandering river. The Tripper's versatility allows you to explore different water conditions, whether it's calm waters or gentle rapids. Its spacious cockpit provides ample space for you and your gear. The Tripper's ample storage space can accommodate all your necessities, from picnic lunches to camping gear. With its convenient stern hatch and bulkhead, you can easily access your belongings during your trip. Imagine a sunny day spent exploring a hidden cove or venturing into a scenic bay. The Tripper's ability to handle a wide range of water conditions and activities allows you to make the most of your adventures. Whether you're fishing, taking a leisurely cruise, or embarking on a multi-day expedition, the Tripper is the perfect companion for your next group adventure.

Adventure-Ready Fishing: The Crescent Kayak CK1 Venture

Crescent Kayak CK1 Venture If your group enjoys fishing, the Crescent Kayak CK1 Venture is a great option. This versatile kayak combines speed, stability, and maneuverability for an enjoyable fishing experience. It features a high-capacity load rating and ample storage space, making it suitable for both short trips and extended adventures. The CK1 Venture is built to handle whatever adventure you take it on, whether it's fishing, camping, or enjoying quality family time outdoors. Its durable design ensures that it will last for many years to come. The CK1 Venture provides an easy ride and extra gear storage for long days on the water. Its customizable features allow you to equip it with the gear you need for your specific fishing needs.

Picture yourself and your friends casting lines into a tranquil lake, surrounded by the beauty of nature. The CK1 Venture's stability allows you to focus on your fishing without worrying about tipping over. Its spacious deck provides ample room for your fishing gear, while its built-in rod holders keep your rods securely in place. The CK1 Venture is designed to provide the best fishing experience. It comes with YakAttack Rails and Mounts preinstalled, making it easy to add accessories like rod holders, fish finders, and other gear. Its high-capacity load rating and spacious storage space ensure that you can bring along all your essentials for a successful fishing trip. Its hull is designed for tracking, stability, and maneuverability, providing a smooth and enjoyable paddling experience. The CK1 Venture is the perfect choice for anglers who want a kayak that can handle both fishing and other recreational activities.

The Primo Fishing Kayak: A Versatile Choice

Crescent Kayak Primo The Crescent Kayak Primo Fishing Kayak is a great option for anglers looking for a stable and feature-rich platform. This kayak offers a high-low seat design, ample storage, and a patented hull for a smooth and efficient ride. The Primo boasts top-notch resin construction and exclusive features like the Crescent Hi-low design, frame seat, and patented hull. These features contribute to its overall stability and performance, providing a secure and thrilling paddle for all skill levels. This versatile vessel offers a combination of stability, performance, and capacity, making it a reliable choice for anglers of all experience levels. The Primo is designed to be customizable. You can personalize your experience with pad kits, GearTracs, and a Power Pole/motor mount option.

Imagine yourself and your friends fishing in a secluded bay, surrounded by the tranquility of nature. The Primo's stability allows you to relax and enjoy the experience, while its spacious deck provides ample room for your gear. Its built-in rod holders and other features make it easy to cast a line and land that big catch. The Primo is a versatile kayak that can handle both fishing and other recreational activities. Its compact size makes it easy to transport and store, while its rugged construction ensures that it can withstand the elements. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, the Primo is an excellent choice for your next fishing adventure with friends.

The UltraLite: Lightweight and Compact

Crescent Kayak UltraLite The Crescent Kayak UltraLite Fishing Kayak is perfect for anglers who want a lightweight and compact kayak that's easy to transport. Despite its size, this kayak offers impressive stability and paddling power thanks to its patented hull and full-length keel. The UltraLite's lightweight construction makes it easy to transport to remote locations, and its compact design is maneuverable in small, tight areas, creating a kayak ideal for creeks, rivers, and bays. The UltraLite combines performance and comfort, making it an excellent kayak for both anglers and non-anglers. Its compact size and maneuverability allow you to explore tight areas and access remote fishing spots with ease.

Picture yourself and your friends navigating a narrow creek, surrounded by lush greenery. The UltraLite's compact design and maneuverability make it easy to navigate tight spaces and explore hidden waterways. Its lightweight construction allows you to easily portage the kayak over obstacles, making it ideal for exploring remote areas. The UltraLite is designed with the most ardent anglers in mind, offering a challenging and rewarding experience on the water! Get ready to make your next catch and explore the great outdoors. The UltraLite's versatility allows you to enjoy a variety of activities, from fishing to paddling to simply enjoying the scenery.

Choosing Your Perfect Paddling Companions

No matter what type of adventure you have in mind, there's a kayak out there for you and your friends. When choosing kayaks for long floats, consider the following:

  • **Comfort:** Look for kayaks with comfortable seats, adjustable footrests, and ample legroom. Comfort is essential for long floats with friends.
  • **Stability:** Choose kayaks with a wide hull and a low center of gravity for increased stability and a relaxing ride. Stability is crucial for a relaxing paddling experience, especially if you're venturing out on choppy waters.
  • **Storage:** Consider your group's needs and choose kayaks with adequate storage space for gear and supplies. Storage space is essential for long floats, allowing you to bring along all the necessary gear and supplies.
  • **Versatility:** Select kayaks that can handle different types of water conditions and activities. Versatility ensures that your kayaks can adapt to various water conditions and activities, allowing you to explore different areas and enjoy a wider range of paddling experiences.

With so many great options available, you're sure to find the perfect kayaks for your next group adventure. Happy paddling!

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