Retired and Kayaking Brunswick County Waterways - Southport / Oak Island

Retired and Kayaking Brunswick County Waterways - Southport / Oak Island

Retiring at the coast is a dream come true for many in Brunswick County, North Carolina.  We have some of the most beautiful beaches, the Intercoastal Waterway and more lakes, ponds and rivers then just about anywhere else.  With all that water and the freedom that comes with retirement, kayaking seems like a great way to get out, stay active and enjoy the area we call home.  However many believe that kayaking may be a sport that has an age restriction but nothing could be further from the truth.  Maybe you tried kayaking a few years back and remember the struggles that came with it.  The boats were very heavy and once on the water, they were not very steady.  Heavy boats took a lot of work to load and unload plus once on the water it took considerable strength to paddle them around.  Then there was the fear of rolling one over and taking that unexpected swim.  Today we want to let you know about the changes that the kayak industry has underwent in the last decade or so.

If you remember the recession of 2008, then you know that things changed for many Americans and we all became much more cost conscience.  This had a huge effect on the kayak industry and some say it probably created the industry we see today. We remember because things like taking the boat out were now a luxury many had to reconsider.  Water-lovers who were looking for a way to get back on the water for fishing and recreation suddenly started grabbing up kayaks.  They were the next best thing and with some modifications they actually were a decent alternative. The ocean kayak or sit-on-top (SOT) design quickly became the hottest platform to customize because it was meant for rough waters and therefore more stable then sit-in kayaks.  It was not long before companies started popping up to create accessories for them and the fishing kayak industry began taking off.

This new industry also began seeing more kayak manufacturers enter the market and the competition fueled innovation like never before.  Kayak anglers began pushing the limits of their boats and the industry kept innovating to meet those demands.  Stability became a major driving factor for sales as anglers now wanted to be able stand-up and fish from their kayaks.  Meanwhile the kayak accessory companies continued to add new items and the boats were now carrying heavier loads. The demand then became to lighten the boats to offset the weight of the gear they were now carrying without sacrificing stability or ease of paddling.

The changes that occurred from 2008 to today have been nothing short of revolutionary for kayaking.  It is now possible to purchase a kayak that is not only stable but also very lightweight.  This is great news for those who choose to begin kayaking later in life.  Now that is not to say that all kayaks and kayak manufacturers have made these changes.  You still need to do some homework but we believe that it is very possible to begin kayaking successfully after retirement. 

The team at YakWorks researches and stays up to date on all of these changes so we can always be aware of new innovations in kayaking. For that reason we believe when it comes to a stable and lightweight kayak the team at Crescent Kayak are leading the industry.  We recently released a blog on why we selected Crescent Kayak as our house-brand of kayaks and you can read more at the following link.

In the coming weeks we will release another blog on the subject of starting kayaking after retirement in which we will cover some of the basic accessories that will make loading and transporting your kayak as easy as possible.  We will add a link to that blog when available.  Stay tuned.



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