Why Crescent Kayaks?

Why Crescent Kayaks?

When YAKWORKS setup the retail side of our kayak shop in Southport, NC we knew we needed a "house kayak" brand we could trust for quality and value. After contacting several kayak manufacturers we landed firmly with Crescent Kayaks. The owner of YAKWORKS has spent over 20 years in product development and design innovation within consumer products.  After speaking with the team and Crescent it became apparent they took the guiding principles of product development and innovation to heart.  Their kayaks are not only well designed, they also offer tremendous value for the level of quality and innovation the consumer receives with their product.

The basis for all Crescent Kayaks is their hull design which allows for an easy paddling and incredibly stable kayak. The hull features a lower section which provides for a kayak that tracks straight yet is responsive to the paddlers need to adjust directions.  There is then an upper or outer hull section that provides for secondary stability which is important for those wishing to stand in their kayak.  Crescent adjusts these two hull elements to really dial the kayak in for the intended purpose of each model.

We appreciate that each model has all of the standard gear and equipment you would expect from a modern kayak design. They do this without over accessorizing the kayak or adding features that not everyone may need.  This keeps the price at a very fair level for the consumer.  The best part is that Crescent builds into the molds sections for the addition of accessories should the paddler later desire to add them.  This is important because kayaks are rounded by nature so it becomes difficult to find a flat surface that a mount or rail can be added solidity and without leaking. In cases like the Shoalie SF they take the outfitting to the level a kayak angler would expect with tracks, rails and mounts for all those important accessories.  Customers can expect to find trolling motor ready transoms as well as eye-lets that allow for steering cables. 

From our perspective, Crescent Kayak strikes the perfect balance of innovation, quality and value. We are proud to be among their exclusive dealer network.


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