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YakAttack LeaderBoard - 28" Measuring Kayak Bump Board Orange

YakAttack LeaderBoard - 28" Measuring Kayak Bump Board Orange

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Experience an unparalleled combination of functionality and convenience with the YakAttack LeaderBoard. Engineered with the avid angler in mind, it boasts a buoyant design that keeps it afloat in case of accidents, a dedicated leash point for secure attachment, and built-in dual identifier holders for easy ID display during tournaments. Keep track of your catches with integrated cull tabs and an easy-to-read layout, designed in collaboration with tournament decision-makers to ensure accuracy and integrity. Our mission was to develop the perfect measuring board for all anglers, providing convenience while minimizing opportunities for misrepresentation.

Culling Tabs

Discover the convenience and efficiency of the YakAttack LeaderBoard's built-in culling system. With three (3) black tabs that slide along the measuring surface, easily track your catches and release them quickly and safely. Whether you're a tournament angler or simply tracking your personal bests, this feature will make your time on the water more enjoyable and productive. Don't waste time scrolling through photos on your phone - let the YakAttack LeaderBoard do the work for you!

Floatation and Security

The YakAttack LeaderBoard features EVA foam on the underside, ensuring it stays afloat. This durable, closed-cell foam resists water and moisture, making it ideal for any wet environment. Additionally, the board includes a built-in tether point for added security. Don't let your catch drift away - make sure to use a tether (not included) to keep it within reach.

Oversized Design and Geometry

Experience the YakAttack LeaderBoard - 28" Measuring Kayak Bump Board Orange and see the difference for yourself! Our innovative design focuses on geometry to perfectly cradle your catch and capture stunning photos. With a wider shape and angled measuring surface, you'll have a rigid and glare-free board that will showcase your catches like never before. Trust the LeaderBoard for a more natural and impressive presentation of your fish.

Integrated Tournament ID Holder

The YakAttack LeaderBoard boasts an integrated dual flip-out ID holder that is specifically designed for standard-sized CPR tournament ID cards, measuring at 3.75" x 2.25". This convenient feature is perfect for avid kayak fishing tournament participants, including those in Hobie BOS, Kayak Bass Fishing, and Bassmaster Kayak Series. With the ability to securely hold up to two IDs at once, anglers can easily keep track of their IDs and avoid losing them. The flip-out design allows for quick and effortless deployment, making it easy to display IDs for catch photos and quickly stow them away when needed. Plus, the included clear resealable sleeves provide extra protection against the elements, ensuring that tournament judges have a clear and legible view of the necessary information.

DoubleTake Visual Indicator

Experience the ultimate precision and integrity with the YakAttack LeaderBoard! Passionately designed for the serious tournament angler, this revolutionary tool features the DoubleTake Visual Indicator, eliminating any ambiguity in measurements. Its mirrored surface doubles the gap, leaving no room for error or doubt. Say goodbye to the frustration of accidental disqualifications and deductions - the DoubleTake Visual Indicator ensures a level playing field for all anglers. Add this ingenious design to your arsenal and focus on the excitement of the competition!

Tournament Use and Approval

The YakAttack LeaderBoard is designed to meet and exceed the specs required by kayak fishing tournaments and has been officially approved by a growing number of tournament directors including KBF and Kayak Adventure Series. Our team is working closely with tournament directors across the country to ensure the YakAttack LeaderBoard is widely accepted with more catch, photo, release style tournaments. We will regularly update our list of approved tournaments as more organizations submit their final approval. Click HERE to view the tournament approval list.


    28” long measurable surface with ¼” increments
    DoubleTake Visual Indicator
    Made from marine-grade, UV-stabilized polymers
    Built-in, flip-out, dual ID holder for tournaments
    ID holders fit standard-sized tournament identifiers: 3.75" x 2.25"
    Includes 2 clear resealable sleeves
    Includes 16 round contact strips
    Cull tabs to keep track of your catch length
    Floats, if dropped in water
    Growing list of tournament approvals, click HERE for the list
    Tether point for attaching a leash
    Board width and shape better accommodate larger fish
    Overall board dimensions: 29.75” long x 6.4” wide
    Board weight: 2.4 lbs.
    Made in the USA
    Covered by our Built for Life Guarantee
    SKU: MCD-1001-OR
    UPC: 819731016996

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