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Yak Attack - TowNStow Bunkster Kayak Cart

Yak Attack - TowNStow Bunkster Kayak Cart

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Made in the USA to the exceptional standards of YakAttack, the TowNStow Bunkster Kayak Cart is engineered with durable, UV-resistant polymers, anodized aluminum tubing, and stainless steel hardware. Created to provide years of reliable use even in rugged marine and outdoor settings, the TowNStow Bunkster comes with the Built for Life Guarantee.

Fixed Upright Bunks

The TowNStow Bunkster Kayak Cart utilizes two adjustable uprights in the "bunk-style" configuration, designed for easy customization with many contemporary kayak hull shapes. The adjustable axle offers six bunk positions ranging from 6.25", providing optimal fit with different kayak widths and body 16” wide.

Tie-Downs and Bunk Pads

Securing a kayak to the Bunkster with straps may vary by kayak model, which is why the Bunkster is equipped with multiple tie-down points. Its wheel hubs feature strap loops for kayaks wider than the cart and its axle features a centralized tie-down point for more narrow boats. The tie-down points are designed for 1” flat cam straps (not included) and ropes less than 5/16” in thickness. To ensure your kayak stays securely attached, four rubber bumpers offer maximum grip. These snap-on bumpers are more durable than foam alternatives.

Storage and Components

Anglers may find it difficult to transport their kayaks and gear from the boat ramp parking lot to the water's edge, unable to store the cart back at their vehicle without leaving their kayak and equipment unattended and vulnerable to theft. The Bunkster is designed for quick disassembly, requiring no tools and allowing the wheels to be easily removed with a simple press of the button behind the hub on the axle. The fixed uprights can be taken off the axle by simply lifting the orange position detent lever and sliding away. All parts of the aluminum axle can be removed, except for the centralized tie-down point, which can fit in the majority of hatches.

The Bunkster comes with two kickstands, configured with one on each side to optimize and support the loading angle for both sides of the cart. When not in use, the beefy kickstands snap in place, locked out of the way.

Wheels are designed for use on hardpacked surfaces (this is not a sand tire)
Made in the USA
Lifetime Warranty
Tool-less adjustment with no loose parts
Designed for use with 1” cam straps (straps not included)
Made from UV-resistant polymers, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel
Easily adjustable
6 adjustable width positions; Max 16”, Min width 6.25”
Wheels remove by a push of a button
Multiple integrated tie-down points
All touch-points are highlighted using orange polymers
Dual Kick-Away Kick Stands
Rubber bunk pads
3-Piece BeadLoc Wheel Design
Quick-release components to quickly stow the cart
Built for use in harsh marine conditions
Weight: 11 lbs. 1 oz.
Wheel size – 12” diameter, 2.5” wide
Axle Length: 26.5”
Weight Capacity - Flat surface rating: 450 lbs., Trail rating: 300 lbs., 5 inch drop rating: 200 lbs.
SKU: TNS-1002
UPC: 819731015982
Patent Pending

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